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- you had better come out fighting!

Are you really, I mean really serious?


What used to work now getting you fewer results? The slowdown in the real estate business has you coming to terms with the costly reality of old-school tactics like: door knocking, cold calls, direct mailing your farm, yellow signs, print ads, etc…

Sure these methods work, but unless you have been dominating your farm with for the past 5-20 years you are most likely not getting a profitable return. But I am sure you already know this by now or you wouldn’t be reading this right now, would you?

The numbers of agents still in the business is falling like a stone right now. For instance in Portland Oregon there were 12,000 Realtors in July 07 - as of March 2009 there are 6,000. Those that still survive need an edge and a willingness to fine tune their skills ready for the upturn. Will you still be here in 6 months?

So where are all the home buyers and sellers?

You hear it all the time, 80% of home buyers begin their search online. Consumers are savvier than ever today, they understand that the Internet is the new medium used to search for everything, including real estate. Be happy about this because it has just leveled the playing field for youYou see, a down time or recession is like a huge sale for those who are qualified. The best part about this is these are the ideal buyers; they have bought & sold plenty of properties and they understand the value that you provide as real estate professional.

The new consumer is researching not only homes but is looking for connections - one of the more astonishing statistics is that many consumers choose the very first Realtor they contact and you had better have the systems and tools in place to respond quickly or they will have moved on to their second choice :-(

Fish where the fishes swim!

The internet provides much more effective ways for YOU to attract real estate buyers and sellers. Only a very few real estate professionals have figured out how to leverage the Internet to deliver the personal touch that every good relationship requires. Automation is the greatest form of leverage and when used properly your income will skyrocket and balance will be restored in your life.

These buyers are not just going to fall into you lap like magic …

As an agent or broker, still in the business I am certain you realize that there will always be motivated & qualified buyers out there looking to acquire more real estate. So are you ready to find out what the few Realtors who understand the internet are doing to grab the attention of these ideal buyers? Before we show you what they are doing, let’s be clear about one thing


Now is your time, take action today and change your life. You are probably starting to see, I am passionate about technology and what it can do to increase your profitability. Every day I have Realtors asking me what they should be doing online to generate more business, and it frustrates me that after I give them the keys to the castle they do nothing. Don’t let this be you!The other day I heard someone say “pioneers come home with arrows in their back”. This says it all. Don’t be a lone ranger or a secret agent. Why do it alone? Plenty of people are willing to share their secrets of success with you; it’s up to you to take the required action. The tools work, the application is up to you.

Like I said before, nothing frustrates me more than to have someone ask me what they should do and I give them the information only to watch them do nothing with it. So if you are one of these people please do NOT go any further. Stop right here, do not bookmark this page. Keep doing what you have been doing and enjoy the results you are currently getting.

On the other hand if you are sick & tired of tire kickers and frustrated with your income you are ready to take action.

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